My toecaps sparkle now

Book of the month How little we understand the worlds in which we live, both the interior world and the one outside us. Visuals of the month I am a lazy sonAnd I never get things done‘Cause we’re made up of water but… Food of the month It’s chimken time! Tech of the monthContinue reading “My toecaps sparkle now”

The king of all lamps

Book of the month “As I moved with stiff legs along the reefs I slipped into the water. It was cold beyond belief – the very quintessence of deathly Arctic ice, so cold that it seemed to sear and bleach the skin.” Music of the month What could be more appropriate for the time ofContinue reading “The king of all lamps”

The crosses of old grey churches

And it’s September and we are back. Book of the month I have mainly been reading comfort fiction to quiet the Stone Monkey but catching up with I listened to the excellent episode on Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers and so I paused the podcast and reread the book. It’s well described asContinue reading “The crosses of old grey churches”