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NDA #3 – Minded

I have written before about 2 of the programmes I have worked on where the NDAs I signed have expired. This one is different. For a start, there are no bears involved but, more importantly, the status of that NDA is unknown for reasons which will become apparent. For reasons which escape me, humanity hasContinue reading “NDA #3 – Minded”

The Naming of the Parts

Names are tricky things. Take mine, Mark O’Neill, or as gaeilge, Mark ó néill. Even the Irish original is easy enough for most people to pronounce. But what if my first name was Padraig? Or Tadhg? Or Cathal? That last name includes a shibboleth, a sound which is hard for people outside a culture toContinue reading “The Naming of the Parts”

Keats and Chapman make a bet

One time Keats and Chapman made a bet. They had been discussing the concept of “charisma”, how humans might take on that intangible glamour most usually reserved for the gods. Keats stated that charisma was an external projection, whereas Chapman insisted it reflected an internal quality. Their debate could have spun on endlessly if Keats’sContinue reading “Keats and Chapman make a bet”

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