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In my last blog post I said that whilst greater efficiency may reduce the number of staff needed it does not work if you try to do it the other way round, that is cutting staff numbers and expecting greater efficiency. But assertions are not evidence so let’s show the consequences of cutting staff withoutContinue reading “Efficiency”


I have said many times that working for any large organisation, public or private sector, is like being on a merry-go-round. There is a constant sense of motion but for some reason the same sights keep coming round again and again. And here we are again with Francis Maude being commissioned to look at CivilContinue reading “Carousel”


I have put all the Roffa! stories on a single page which I will update as I go along.

A Word A Month

For 2022 I have decided to publish a poem or piece of short fiction every month at the end of the month. Ursine paws must be kept in practice least we turn them to darker deeds… January 22 – This House is not Our House (poem) February 22 – Another short adventure of Roffa (fiction)


Many people want to send out newsletters to fans, readers, fellow enthusiasts. This can be quite complicated as it can be hard to format an email to look attractive and many mail services will block you if you try to send too many emails at once. So there are a number of services who helpContinue reading “Newsletters”

Mr Caution

As I write, Dominic Cummings is telling a Select Committee about the utter disaster that has been the UK’s response to COVID. And everything he is saying sounds so so so familiar. Every failure in government has the same four root causes, the only difference with COVID is one of degree. Cause One: Ownership NobodyContinue reading “Mr Caution”


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