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NDA #3 – Minded

I have written before about 2 of the programmes I have worked on where the NDAs I signed have expired. This one is different. For a start, there are no bears involved but, more importantly, the status of that NDA is unknown for reasons which will become apparent. For reasons which escape me, humanity hasContinue reading “NDA #3 – Minded”

Keats and Chapman make a bet

One time Keats and Chapman made a bet. They had been discussing the concept of “charisma”, how humans might take on that intangible glamour most usually reserved for the gods. Keats stated that charisma was an external projection, whereas Chapman insisted it reflected an internal quality. Their debate could have spun on endlessly if Keats’sContinue reading “Keats and Chapman make a bet”

Bear facing North West

Another year and another NDA has expired. This project was very different from the Crumble project, whilst it was still in North America this time it was a civil administration in Canada. One of the hidden problems for digital transformation is infrastructure. There is little point in moving all services online if nobody can accessContinue reading “Bear facing North West”

Bear Books

We all need to be able to look beyond the world we can see from our windows during lockdown so this is a page of genre reading suggestions. I have deliberately stuck with genre books as they are what I reach for in times of stress. And this is my list, yours will be differentContinue reading “Bear Books”


Updated 18th March 2020 It’s a tough time for people with uncertainty about the effect of Coronavirus and fear about jobs and potentially having to stay home. That uncertainty is exacerbated by the fact that our control over our own individual worlds seems very limited. But there are always things that we can do, actionsContinue reading “Resources”


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