The crosses of old grey churches

And it’s September and we are back.

Book of the month

I have mainly been reading comfort fiction to quiet the Stone Monkey but catching up with I listened to the excellent episode on Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers and so I paused the podcast and reread the book. It’s well described as a “novel not without detection”, The Nine Tailors is my favourite of her detective novels but Gaudy Night is a true work of passion.

It is an amazing snapshot of a moment just before WW2 when the rights of women were very much in flux and where the wider society focused on rituals as a way to try and address the cognitive dissonance and anxiety of a country where the foundations felt unstable and the future uncertain. Ahem.

Music of the month

The record of the month is obvious.

Telefís always remind me how much I miss Cathal. He articulated for me more than anyone what it meant to be a Hiberno Futurist exile in this strange land of Loftholdingswood. A land we can never return from.

Also Under the Bridge, a tribute to the great Sarah Records. So many fun tracks, currently the Monochrome Set/El Records stylings of Tufthunter are my faves.

Always have time for a bit of shoegazing, this is from Whitelands

And rerelease of the month is this classic from Woob.

Visuals of the month

I have watched no TV nor seen any films nor gazed upon any art.

But I have been playing with the power of AI generated images. via Dall-E Rock on, Sven!

Food of the month

Had lunch with a friend at Arabica London in Borough Market.

I had the BEEF ADANA KOFTE with Tahini amba sauce, sumac onion salad, pita croutons and of course a Batata Harra and it was all delicious. Recommended.

Tech of the month

Bear of the month

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