Sometimes I want to murder time

October ends in fire. Book of the month I have been rereading “The Further Inventions of Daedalus” by David E. H. Jones. I loved reading these when they were a column in the New Scientist and his ability to come up with plausible sounding yet impossible ideas. Very useful experience for listening to pitches fromContinue reading “Sometimes I want to murder time”

Measure twice, cut once, weep daily

Remember when you could just buy something? You handed over money in exchange for goods or services and that was it. But now we are pursued forever by the furies of online shopping, service metrics. And so it goes on and on. The comforting notion that all this data has value, that the overhead inContinue reading “Measure twice, cut once, weep daily”

The crosses of old grey churches

And it’s September and we are back. Book of the month I have mainly been reading comfort fiction to quiet the Stone Monkey but catching up with I listened to the excellent episode on Gaudy Night by Dorothy L Sayers and so I paused the podcast and reread the book. It’s well described asContinue reading “The crosses of old grey churches”