Sometimes I want to murder time

October ends in fire.

Book of the month

I have been rereading “The Further Inventions of Daedalus” by David E. H. Jones. I loved reading these when they were a column in the New Scientist and his ability to come up with plausible sounding yet impossible ideas. Very useful experience for listening to pitches from people!

One of my favourites is his idea of anti-shares. Take something like HS2. Some people are in favour and some against, so why not sell shares in both option?

You can use it as a way of prioritising as well when you have a group of people with entrenched views and a need to shift the conversation. Give them all £100 of Monopoly money and watch the horse trading 🙂

And of course October is a time we remember those we have lost. Be it the Feast of All Souls or Samhain. I will always associate this book with a late artist friend I gave a copy to. You are much missed, Sam.

Music of the month

Again, Cathal.

The sounds of Shipley

The sounds of Sheffield Brighton

And the sounds of sounds

Visuals of the month

A self-portrait

Food of the month

A trip out with Japanese friends for Vietnamese food 🙂

Tech of the month

Pew pew pew!

Bear of the month

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