Many people want to send out newsletters to fans, readers, fellow enthusiasts.

This can be quite complicated as it can be hard to format an email to look attractive and many mail services will block you if you try to send too many emails at once.

So there are a number of services who help you create and send nicely formatted newsletters.

One of them is Substack which allows people to create newsletters and even charge for them.

Unfortunately Substack has decided on an absolutist approach to “Free Speech” which means it is happy to support anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers. This despite nearly 900,000 deaths in the US alone.

As a non-American their attitude strikes me as arrogant in the extreme and their justification, in which they paint themselves as heroes(!), is for me deeply distasteful and fundamentally flawed.

If we ignore the payment aspect for the moment then you always have the option of letting people subscribe to your WordPress posts. By default they will just get an alert to a new post but you can add newsletters and even paid subscriptions.

As for Substack, I have unsubscribed from all the newsletters which use Substack.

Cousin Sven is happy to deal with any comments people may have.

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